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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Kennel is Sold!

I remember promising Ginger, when we were just starting this crazy plan, that no matter what, we would commit to this business for at least 5 years.  I know there were times before that five years were up that we had to fall back on that promise and stick to the plan.  Several more years were tinged with our desire to move on - but no idea about how we would ever be able to extract ourselves from a complicated property such that Sun Pony / Happy Tails was.  Ginger first located a national kennel broker, with whom we had many discussions but ultimately we both decided this was not the perfect match up.  Finally we ended up engaging the realtor who sold us the property initially.  However after being listed for a year with no bites (seems few others are crazy enough to dive into both a horse and dog business simultaneously), the idea was struck to subdivide the property into two parcels.

With the ink on the sub-division not even yet dry - while Dave and I were in Maine - we got a text from Ginger that a "very interested buyer" had just come out to see the kennel.  That was Ashley.  We returned home, and things started  happening fast!  November 1st we went under contract, and on Feb 27th, 2015 we sold the house and kennel to Ashley and her partners Jay and Kristi. 

Our announcement:

Friday Feb 27th Sun Pony Ranch, Inc. sold Happy Tails Dog Ranch, which will now be owned and operated by Ashley Dinger, and Kristi and Jay Ross of Longview Kennels LLC. Happy Tails Dog Ranch will continue to operate as a daycare and boarding facility, while expanding into some new areas.

This transition comes right at our 9th anniversary of being a kennel - and there are many bittersweet feelings on the part of original owners Ginger Fedak, and Monica and David Signer. But it was time for the kennel to enter into a new phase with some new energy and direction - something that we are confident that Ashley, Kristi and Jay will do!

"We are so very excited to continue the wonderful business that Monica, David and Ginger started. We have been actively working at the property, getting to know the procedures and policies (and of course dogs!) so that there will be minimal changes to what your pets are currently used to. We are excited to introduce some changes that should benefit the dogs greatly, including an indoor play area for chilly days. I am happy to answer any questions anyone might have at We look forward to meeting all of you at the celebration party."
-Ashley, Kristi, and Jay.

We have all been very happy to find that our operating principles have been quite well aligned throughout the past few months of preparation for the transition, so there should be little disruption to our customers or staff. We look forward to hosting a celebration in the next few weeks to mark this event - stay tuned for details!

Sun Pony Ranch will remain under Ginger, David and Monica's ownership and Ginger will continue to live onsite to run the riding programs as well as to provide continuity for the new owners with the kennel.

Ginger has remained on the property to run the daily activities of Sun Pony, SPR now renting her apartment from the new house owners.  David and I moved to Loveland.  What a drastic life change it has all been - no more concerns about kennel employees and customers.  For Dave and I - no more being awakened by wind storms at night shaking that big house around us.  It's really a perspective shift to have to drive in to the ranch - which Dave does most days of the week to stay on top of finances and property management.  We've also hired Noelle as our assistant barn manager, so she is stepping up to take on a lot of the day to day barn chores.  It's definitely been a weird mix of whole new life, and yet still the same in many ways.  But we've never had a second thought about the sale, we are very thankful that went through as it did!