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Friday, December 21, 2007

New toys

Tee hee! I got a new phone. All of us got one cause our plan was AT&T -- as in from before it became Cingular then came back. This wasn't really for xmas, but it took so long to make a decision that it's working out this way.

Anyway, I'm excited cause it's a smartphone (AT&T Tilt) that can do word docs and pdf docs. Sooo... I'm on the bus composing my very first mobile document! I'm afraid this all might be far more interesting to me than any of y'all... Heh, too bad cause I'm stuck on this bus with nothing else to entertain me. :)

Hey there, am back now. It's snowing like mad so decided to ditch work. Not much going on today anyway. Well, not until I got on the bus at least! I went to call my friend (on the old phone) who is due for dinner tonight, and discovered I had missed calls from my sister and a txt msg. Returned the txt and made my call. Only to receive another call and txt in the meantime! Picked up the voice msg - which was from a guy I've been playing phone tag with all week - so typed his # into the grocery list I was also writing on the new phone.... Hee! - I could get used to this mobile office thing!

I don't have any music loaded on it yet... Soon though! The cable I grabbed was the wrong one. :( Also looking forward to trying out my latest ebook on here. No more having to open up the laptop on the bus/plane to read!

One of these days I'll have to actually activate the phone.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Puppies! Romping!

The last two weekends we've had 4 or fewer dogs. We think this is the 'eye of the storm' type phenominon.

The snow started coming in on Friday morning.

Romping in the Snow


Sunday, December 09, 2007

The unveiling!

I mentioned some time ago that Mike, my sister's boyfriend, was coming up to start finishing the basement for Ginger. We decided to attack the project in phases - so that we could complete the master bedroom suite asap, and she could move in. Well - today is moving day!

Mike pretty much finished up the weekend before Thanksgiving, like we'd planned, but there are always the last minute things to handle. Not to mention a kennel full of dogs to attend to. So we decided that moving before Thanksgiving wasn't as important as taking our time to do it right. So, it's been a couple of weeks of taking our time - but yesterday we finished up and then Dave and I stealthly cleaned up while Ginger was out doing errands. I should have taken a picture of the pre-clean up condition - becase it really was dramatic, what with construction detrius sitting around - tools, left over spools of wiring, boxes of tile, tubs of grout and joint compound, tubs if nails, screws, nails and more nails!!. Not to mention the pile of brand new tack that we ordered over 2 years ago that has been sitting there on the futons collecting dust all this time... Perhaps you get the picture without any pictures!

Ta DA: The Basement, Unveiled  (video)