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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Congratulations to LeeAnne and Mike!

Just prior to starting the Berthoud Local farmers market, I posted to Facebook that we could use some volunteers to help man the booth.  Low and behold I got a response from LeeAnne - and boy did she save my tookus!  After volunteering for nearly half of the markets in 2014, I somehow managed to convince her to become co-president of Berthoud Local with me the next spring.  I have to say I've very much liked working with her as well as her fiancé Mike, and becoming good friends along the way.

Mike power washing the barn

So when I saw LeeAnne's post on Facebook asking if anyone had a barn where they could hold a casual country wedding, I jumped in without hesitation.  They came to tour the barn and loved it -- so much so that when I mentioned that we would be putting the property up for sale in the spring, they decided to move up the date of their wedding to September!!  They've even come out a few times to help clean up the barn - sweat equity in lieu of a rental fee which was more than equitable to us!

The wedding was a very lovely affair!  Weather cooperated beautifully, and LeeAnne and her family put together beautiful arrangements.

Stolen from the photographer - Caleb Jordan

Pot Luck Banquet Hall
Evening Dance
An amazing Sunset
The Band

Last Dance Serenade

We really couldn't be happier for them!