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Friday, April 14, 2006

Whose Idea Was This?

Unfortunately, I think it was mine.

Last weekend we took a relatively free Sunday morning to do a little exploring of the neighborhood on horseback. We've been talking forever about trying to find a nice local ride that we could take without risking ours and our horses' lives trying to ride on County Road 1.

We had some moderate success. The horses got to meet the longhorn cattle that live 1 neighbor over. That didn't go over incredibly well, but no harm done. We didn't get all the way through to the road to the north but we now have more ideas. To the south we know a series of irrigation ditches run, one of which we own shares of water in. Ditches are accompanied by ditch roads, so we've also been meaning to explore that road.

So last night we were coming home from the Chamber event. It's rare that we're all three in the car together, so I said lets just drive the ditch road. So we did.

We were about 100 yards down the dirt road, which in places was little more than a track, with grasses and weeds scraping the bottom of the car, when someone finally spoke up -- we own two pickup trucks, a 4-wheel drive CRV, a 4-wheel Subaru, and what car did we bring on this little adventure? The hybrid. The one that has about 3 inches of clearance. *head smack*

Oh well, fortunately we only hit two worrysome parts, and ended up backing out 50 yards cause Dave "didn't want to push you out because you tried turning around in some field". Hee.

Still no direct trail connections, but we're learning a lot more about our 'block'.



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