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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Vacation Week

David went to visit his parents at their cabin this week, so I took the week off of work to help run the ranch in his absence. Since summer camps ended last week, we've actually had a somewhat reduced effort week. Not that we haven't managed to stay busy every day, mind you, but it's been an enjoyable diversion from my regular job.

Monday was Jack and Chico day. We had finally managed to arrange for the brand inspector and the owner to come to our place during the doggie nap time to do the brand transfer. Well, first thing the brand inspector called and said he'd be an hour late. Rather inconvenient, but hardly unprecidented. Meanwhile, we got a call from CHR saying that if we wanted to deliver Chico to them on Monday we had to be there by 2. Not wanting to push this off another day, we committed. So by 1:00 we had the transfers, we had paid for Jack and he was OURS. He had already been introduced to our 'bad boy' group -- Jordan, Romeo and Chaco, so he just went back out with the boys while we loaded up Chico to go.

This was my first chance to drive the horse trailer -- and ended up calling David in California while we were enroute since I didn't know how it was supposed to feel pulling it. Aparently a 4000 pound trailer does significantly alter you driving experience! We made it to CHR and dropped of Chico without any problems, and bade him a fond farewell with hopes that they can find an adopter for him soon. By the time we got back I just had time to get the dogs out for their afternoon play session.

Tuesday was a big day, for KOD and Savanna were scheduled to go home after being with us a full 2 months. Originally they were to stay for one month, but 2 days prior to their pickup we got an email saying that the owners were delayed in Hong Kong, and thus they would be sending more food and medicine for the dogs. When 4 more bags of food was delivered, we wondered just how much longer they planned to be! So Tuesday morning we found their kennel full if diahrea, which when Ginger took them out for their before breakfast romp turned to bloody diahrea for KOD. Lovely. Ginger took KOD to the vet while I watched the rest of them and tried to contact the owners. Wasn't able to contact them, of course, because they were traveling, but we left some messages and ultimately left KOD at the vet for an IV to combat his dehydration. Fortunately the vet said his trouble was caused by an influx of a normal intestinal bacteria (you have to ask Ginger the name of it) and given the fact that Basenji's are very emotional dogs it was quite surprising that they hadn't had an outbreak before this!

In the mean time we gave Savanna a bath, and removed her colar so we could wash the 2 months of grime that had accumulated, turning it from a hot pink color to a dull flesh tone. Unfortunately we made the mistake of leaving the washed colar where she could get to it -- and she chewed on it nearly in half! Ay-yi-yi. Finally we connected with the owners, who didn't sound surprised at the diahrea, so they came to pick up Savanna and Ginger then went with them to get KOD. They admitted that it is very common for the dogs to instinctively know when they are on their way home and to start acting differently that day. Boy -- do they ever!!

Wednesday was a fairly uneventful day, finally, and Thursday Ginger did dogs all day while I did fianances I'd been ignoring for quite a while. Friday I even got to get out and get my hair cut! Today I've only had 4 dogs. Holly and Joy the twin Great Pyranees 'pups' that are now about 9 months old. Cute, but not terribly responsive. Kattan and Rory have been with us a number of times and are very sweet. All four are VERY fluffy, and as I look around this play room I see LOTS of tufts of fluff lying everywhere.

It rained last night and again a bit this afternoon. With that and some of the unbearable heat this past week I've been trying out using the indoor play area more. We tend not to because it's so conveninent to go outside, but on the other hand, we have it so we should use it! The dogs at first are all confused because they are so used to going straight into their kennels. But it doen't take too terribly long to figure out that we're going to stay out an play.

So here we are. Saturday afternoon and this is the first chance I've gotten to sit down and write a blog entry all week! And to think, I was going to use this 'vacation' time to get caught up. Ah well! Dave just called and his flight is an hour and a half delayed, so I won't need to go get him for some time. Perhaps I'll write another entry or so now.



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