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Saturday, September 23, 2006

6 Days until Chicago

6 Days until 43 or so of my closest friends whom I've never actually met get together in Chicago for what I'm sure is going to be a wild ride of revelry, comraderie and all sorts of BBM-Goodness.

Tomorrow my trip begins, as I hitch a ride back to Wyoming with my sister Phyllis who is here in Denver for the weekend. Dean, my friend from the forum who invited me to drive to Chicago with him - by way of Wyoming - will pick me up at Phyllis's house and we'll head from there to visit a number of places significant to Brokeback Mountain. Even though the film was not shot in Wyoming, the Wyoming board of tourism has admitted that the increase in visitors to their state due to the movie has been noticeable.

Mostly for us, though, Wyoming sits between Dean's home in Southern California and Chicago -- and I'm just sorta on the way. So WHY NOT?

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