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Saturday, September 23, 2006

What happens in Vegas...

Needs to be told here, of course! Oh, ok, maybe not ALL of it. ;)

We had a fantastic time in Vegas! Dave flew out Friday morning so he could partake in the bachelor activities whilst I helped Ginger in the kennel at home. I followed Saturday morning. The boys had a good time, getting in a hike and a little fishing, then on to -- where else but Hooters casino for dinner -- and then on to the bars. David supposedly did make it back home by a rather reasonable hour of 2 am... but I was pleased to see he was up and about by the time I got in from the airport the next morning!

Both Caroline and Rich and their families were at the Tropicana with us, so we spent Saturday afternoon around the pool. The weather was very nice - a refreshingly cool 94 degrees (this is Vegas in September after all), but oddly enough the pool was so dang cold no one but our part-fish nephew, Jeff, was interested in spending much time in there. But lounging was just as good.

Laura, Karen, Janelle, Rich, Jeff and little Alek on the ground.

The rehersal dinner that night was at the Hoff Brau House, a very nice reproduction of what you'd find in Munich. We of course met lots of folks, ate fabulous sausages and sour brauten, and drank beer by the liter.

Laura, Rich, Janelle, Roy

Eric and Maria

We were planning on staying in Vegas through Tuesday morning, and had planned to do something Monday night with Sarah and Roy who also were staying longer. So while at the pool I started looking into getting tickets for a Cirque du Soleil show. Unfortunately none of them -- for there are 6 different cirque productions in Vegas these days -- run on Monday. So we scrambled and found folks interested in going and got tickets for the late show on Saturday. So we had to scramble a bit to get out of the Hof Brau House in time to get a cab for 9.. but we made it. We saw Mystere at Treasure Island casino, and were totally blown away. Really an amazing production, as I'm sure they all are. But, it did make for a late evening.

Sunday we called Sarah, who was staying at the Monte Carlo where the wedding was held, to see if they had plans for brunch. She said Roy had taken a walk down to visit the Bellagio, so we said we'd join her to go over and see if we could hook up with him. Well, never did find Roy until much later, but the visit to the Bellagio was more than worth the walk down. They have a conservatory that I guess has rotating displays, and we'd managed to catch the last day for this foresty display with little train trestles suspended between the trees and these really cool water spout bridges you could walk under.

On our way out the water show began. Which also was spectacular.

The wedding was a lovely affair at the Monte Carlo, and so very convenient to the ballroom for the reception. :) Maria was such a vision of radiant charm, as she always is.

Breaking the Plate -- a European tradition.

Monday Caroline and Greg had an early flight out, so we met up again with Rich and family for brunch before their flight home. We then spent some time at the Monte Carlo pool with Sarah and Roy, and decided that we would go to the BlueMan Group show that night. Betty and Wilson decided they would join us, so the 6 of us headed down to the Venetian a little early so that we could walk around the canal and canal-shops.

You have to hand it to Vegas, they don't do anything half way! The Venetian was stunning, dinner grand, and BlueMan Group? Hysterical, of course. There are no words for them, other than you just have got to see their show some day.



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