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Monday, September 25, 2006

Lets here it for serendipity!

Well, though it was totally serindipitous, we could not have picked a better week to drive through Wyoming. The trees are incredible, and will be peaking in color in the next few days. Wow -- what an amazing surprise!

Phyl and I had a nice drive up yesterday. We took the scenic route up the Cache la Poudre canyon and up to Saratoga Wy yesterday.

Cache la Poudre

From the top - near Cameron Pass.

Right now I'm waiting for Dean to arrive here -- he called and is 10 minutes away! So I thought I'd use my nervous engergy in posting! This morning since we had several hours before Dean was due, Phyl and I went out for a trail ride, from their house. That was such a treat. We can't ride from our property -- and in anycase certainly don't have anything nearly so spectacular as these mountain trails available if we could.

Phyl and Me on Lady and Sunny

But -- gotta run, Phyllis is on the phone with Dean now trying to talk him in. LOL



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