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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jackson, Riverton, Worland

Ok, pretty much just a photo blog today. We had a long day in the car, and that bed is looking mighty inviting.

Left Phyl's place first thing this morning and went back into Jackson. Along the Snake River valley we were again struck by this view of the river. Yesterday we hadn't taken the opportunity to turn around for the picture, but with the steam rising today we couldn't resist.

At dinner last night Phyllis had told us about the display of mounted Elk at the visitor's center which is quite impressive. So we stopped there for a quick look-see. This visitor center is associated with one of quite a few winter feeding grounds for the Elk. When they come down for the winter I guess there are huge herds of Elk out in these meadows.

Leaving Jackson we decided to go to Riverton via Dubois. This road follows the Wind River all the way down from the pass, and is just north of the Wind River Range.

The landscape changes dramatically East of Dubois:

Riverton -- well, we went there. Really hardly anything to keep our attention so we found ourselves moving on soon. The landscape around Riverton is very non mountainous, very high desert. I was prepared to be seeing this for the rest of the day, but we were pleasantly surprised by another abrupt change in scenery when we hit this canyon between Shoshoni and Thermopolis. This is the Big Horn river.

We hit Worland by about 4 o'clock. A little early to quit for the day, but tomorrow morning we have an appointment to meet another forum member near by, so it didn't make sense to keep going. It was just as well because the excitment of yesterday, plus two late nights in a row were definitely taking their toll and I pretty much had to have a nap when we checked in. But not before we'd driven around town to find the Worland High School to take a picture of... because Worland is the big rival high school in another one of our stories, Just Another New Kid in Town. Hee!



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