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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Could this be just day 1?

So Dean arrived, and we hit it off just like old friends! I have to admit I was a bit anxious about the meeting, but as soon as he got out of his car and smiled at me I knew there was no reason for the anxiety. Phyllis took us out right away to meet the alpaca.

Our mascot sheep: Let me warn you now, this entire trip is about going overboard. Period. The sheepies, well, they play a prominent role in the movie and thus Dean assembled a little herd of them to accompany us cross country. They will make their appearances from time to time. Fortunately the alpaca Jack (YES, his name really is Jack -- well, Cracker Jack to be exact) was being rather cooperative in letting them pose on his back!

We spent about an hour at Phyllis's seeing the alpaca and talking about our afternoon plans -- before we figured out that we'd better be on our way or else the afternoon would be gone! We headed towards Jackson. Pushed for time we barely jumped out of the car to snap a few pictures of down town... unfortunately the folks we got to take our picture under one of the famous elk antler arches... well, the picture isn't worth posting let's just say that. So here's my version from across the street:

On northward towards the Tetons, and low and behold... we found them.

On Mike's recommendation, we headed for Gross Ventre - where a huge landslide in the 20s dammed the river and created a lake. On the way there, he said we'd likely see Bison. Boy, did we ever!

But the side trip up to Gross Ventre wasn't anything to sneeze at either.

Just before turning back towards Jackson, we came upon this barn. Besides being incredibly beautiful, we both immediately recognized this barn as being identical to the barn we'd picked as cover art for one of our groups most popular stories. Essentially what brought our group together on the forum is that we are readers and writers of fan fiction -- stories written purely for fun based on someone else's characters. But going far beyond just writing of stories, we have quite a few graphic artists who help us come up with cover art for them. (Overboard, remember?) Anyways, here is it, the barn from 'If I Asked'

At some point early in the afternoon I returned to the car to see this, which just set me to laughing, yet again, today.

We stopped again in Jackson before dinner to see the shootout in the main square... only to find out that demonstration closes on Labor day weekend. Oh well. In wandering around town and looking into some galleries, however, we found this sculpture which we also both immediately associated with another very popular story, 'The Wolf and the Thunderbird':

Phyllis and Mike came up and joined us for dinner at a restaurant that specializes in wild game. We had elk chops (another goal for this trip) and they were superb. OH! And on the way home we also got to stop and take a tour of the Best Western Hotel that Phyllis designed while working as an architect here.

Whew! Just an all around incredible day.



Anonymous Ginger said...

Wow you got some incredible photos in glorious weather on both posts so far. And all in one day! Wow again.

9/26/06, 6:38 AM  

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