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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And Next

Since the walking tour ended back at Harvey Milk Plaza, we were right there as people started to gather around the theater for the afternoon / evening. Fuzios is just 2 doors down and we pretty much took over this tiny eatery for a few hour prior to the curtain call.

Mario snapped this series, to rave reviews:

Snacks consumed we headed up to mill about. Some folks were still arriving just in time for the showing, some had had to leave earlier... Very fluid group this weekend.

"My Cronies"

Everyone who was within ear shot when we decided to take this photo... Heh.

Inside the theater we'd amassed many of the memoriabilia items from the movie that our members have acquired. It's quite impressive, really.

Also in "our" possession is this billboard which was displayed outside of Tower Records in San Francisco. After Tower went belly up, Eric noticed the billboard was still out there. He called em up and managed to get it from them.

Ted swears someone goosed him!

Inside the theater is spectacular:

The immenently huggable Ted

The movie? I really wondered what the movie would be like -- again on the big screen. It's actually only my 6th viewing - we're infants in viewings compared to most of the folks around us. The big screen experience really cannot be replicated anywhere else. So, it still packs a punch. As usual the theater was slow to empty out and tears and hugs were all around.

I think many were reluctant to leave, so fortunately our faithful local bar guide forcefully inserted a dozen or so folks into cabs and told the driver where he was going... Turns out it was to a "Biker Bar Beer Garden" called Zeitgeist (sp?) in the middle of San Fran. Who Knew?? But after all the build up? I really didn't expect the bikes to be of the peddeling variety! LOL Indeed there were 2x4 racks built along one fence and Mountain Bikes hung up. Grace said - no really, motocycle bikers also tend to hang out there.. but it was a Sunday night and they must have been... somewhere else.

Ingmar and Chuck

Chuckie started doling out shoulder rubs!

We thought we were so fortunate finding a large set of tables free for our group.. Porta Potties? Eh - who cares!

Ms. Karen and me.

It was in leaving here that someone asked where we'd left our car all day. We said in the parking garage at the RinCon center - where we'd had Dim Sum that morning. What time does the garage close, they inquired. CLOSE? Um.. didn't even THINK about that! LOL. So we hastily waved good bye to everyone headed back to the hotel with promises that we'd be knocking on door 876 pretty soon if we were unable to get our car out of the lot. Hastily, I say, because Grace was once again shoving us into a cab. "Well??" She proclaims.. "They LEAVE if you don't get in right away!"



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Dang !
I LUUV The Castro Theatre.

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