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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sunday we went into the city to meet up with our folks for Dim Sum at Yank Sing. Woah, talk about a great way to stuff yourself with food to beyond bursting in a very short time! LOL. We had 3 large tables of people. It was a madhouse, but all fun madness as is typical with our group.

Jess, Monica, Grace, Ted, Beth

Jess, Linda, Ingmar, Jimmy

Larry, Monica, Theresa

Mario and Gail

After stuffing ourselves -- what better is there to do but go walking?

Heading out across town, led by Pete

To catch a street car!

Audra and Dave in the streetcar

The walking tour was given by City Guides, and this one was of the Castro District - named as such for the Castro Theater whom Eric (see pic from my last blog entry) had talked into bringing back Brokeback Moutain for one more day's run in a big theater. It is a gorgeous old theater, one of the best remaining (and still operating!) specimens from the 1920's. But... more on the theater later.

Following the 'summer of love' (1967) in the Haight Ashbury district not far away, the Castro rose as the gay center of town. Comprising of a business disrict and the neighborhoods surrounding it, the Castro has a distinct flavor all its own. The intersection of Market and Castro has been designated as Harvey Milk Plaza, and is marked by this enormous rainbow flag and plaque and gardens below. The dozen of us who signed up met our guide at the base of this flag.

On the tour we learned about Harvey Milk, who was the first openly gay man elected to be a city supervisor for San Francisco, in 1977 (third openly gay man elected to office in the US). He failed to be elected in the two previous elections, but when the city went to election-by-district that year Milk easily won his campaign. He was a vocal gay advocate and owned a business in the Castro. Milk and Mayor Mosconi were assasinated in 1978.

Beyond the policial history, the Castro district is interesting in that it did not burn in the 1906 earthquake/fire, and thus it has some of the oldest architecture in the city.

This glass mosaic over childrens art adorns the walls of the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy -- it's astonishingly beautiful.


Back at Castro Street

And that was just our first 4 hours of the day... ;)



Blogger Dean said...

There is one HUGE reason why I love San Francisco and it is called Yank Sing!! That place is AWESOME !!
Just as well you didn't post pics of the dim sums because I'll die of jealousy.
Gorgeous perfect San Francisco weather too I see. So happy to hear you guys had wonderful time, look forward to more pics. Especially from the trip down FWY 1 and Monterey.



9/24/07, 7:57 AM  

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