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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yee Haw!!

Oh, we had such a fantastic time on our trip! Due to changing plans, and work and what not - we actually didn't get back home until Friday afternoon. It was quite the lap of luxury to get such an extended break.

Saturday, our first day in San Fran -- we actually never got to San Fran. ;) That was the day we all were headed for The Best Buck in the Bay - the gay rodeo held in La Honda. So we picked up our rental car and headed on over. We arrived about 1:00, which was perfect timing to mill around all afternoon greeting old friends and meeting new ones. Even got a little bit of rodeo watching in. LOL.

Driscoll Ranches provided the rodeo grounds

We had a booth set up with our Beyond Brokeback book available

Ha, something sure had our attention! Beth,Ted, Me, Dave, and Grace

What are we looking at?? Oh wait - I think it was these folks:

Ted, Me, and Eric - who instigated this whole weekend.

A good one from Chuck

Linda snapping a pic of Ingmar, Michael and Larry
One thing is for sure, none of our group are camera shy!

By the time we got most of the greetings out of the way, the rodeo was just settling down into their really silly events. Fine with me as I've never been too keen on traditional rodeo anyways. These people really know how to let their hair down and have fun!

The cheering squad

Goat Dressing: Teams of two have to put a pair of underwear on a goat, and run back across the line in the best time. (And yes, they did switch out the goats so the same pair weren't abused all afternoon!)

But my most favorite event was the Wild Drag Race: 3 person teams - 1 woman, 1 man, 1 person(man or woman) in drag. You had to get a steer over a line and then put the person in drag on it's back and Drag the steer back across a line.

It was a full afternoon that we couldn't have asked for to be more fun. That broke up around 6 and we headed back to Dave's sister's place in Foster City. We had a terrific evening with Caroline, Greg and Alek.



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Hiya Monica! How cool to see you like the pic I took!

10/17/07, 4:45 PM  

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