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Monday, October 01, 2007

Pacific Coast Highway

This one is for Dean, who begged me mercilessly for pictures of the Californian coast. :-*

Leaving Caroline's place we headed due west. It's amazing how quickly the penninsula turns to wild mountainous forests after you pass hwy 280 -- odd, though we've visted the bay area quite a few times with all the family we have there - I don't think I've ever ventured west of 280.

So we headed straight to Half Moon Bay, and then down the PCH all the way to Dave's parent's place in Pacific Grove. Stopping, of course, along the way.

Playing with our new camera - auto-shot features. Please ignore the fact the camera is tilting and about the fall off of the rock it's sitting upon!

Then we happened upon Pigeon Point Lighthouse - and it's accompanying Youth Hostle. Very cool place to hostle, we thought!!

Continuing down we saw a bunch of cars pulled off the road -- watching these guys! Surf-Sailors I'm calling them. There were about 8 or so - winging around. Amazing how when they fell the sail would not only pop them back up, but would tow them back out to where the waves were forming again.

Because this one deserves it: click on the photo to embiggen.

We got to the in-laws mid afternoon, and then were treated to this spectacular sunset from "Roy's" restaurant at Pebble Beach where we celebrated our 14th anniversary. (Oh so appropriate since Dave's dad is a Roy too.)

They conspired against us and forced us to order this:

Where we hence proceeded to make utter pigs of ourselves!



Blogger Dean said...

OMG !!

I'm speechless !!
Thank you ... GREAT pics.
Love the light house, stopped there a few times my self with every relatives came to visit. PCH is the loveliest stretch of asphalt in the world isn't it? Well, not the asphalt per se but what comes with it
Love the sunset and how awesome are those surf sailors !! I didn't even know they existed and I only recently left SF.
I'd kill for those chocolates. Kept hearing about Roy's but never had the opportunity, the place is nothing less than legendary.

Thanks again, love all them pics.

10/6/07, 10:48 PM  

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