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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Out and About

Our fall schedule of lessons were originally planned to begin the weekend after camps let out.

(By the way, I never mentioned that we sold out 8 of our 10 weeks of camp this summer! They continue to be wildly successful.)

But due to scheduleing hassels, we decided to push them a week - which gave us a free weekend to play with the ponies ourselves. It was convenient that the Boulder County Horse Association had their annual group trail ride that weekend as well, which enticed us to haul ourselves up into the foothills to Caribou (near Nederland). As we had an extra slot in the trailer, we invited Jennifer to join us. Jennifer leases our horse Jack and shes been working really hard with him this year - which he desperately needed.

It's not too surprising that we got up there later than we expected. Late enought that most everyone had taken off for a ride before we got there. But we knew where lunch was to be held so we did a little exploring on our own before lunch and went back out again after. After the many antics the horses have been showing on our rides from home, there was some question how they would behave themselves. But fortunately they worked out really nicely.

During lunch the horses were all tied up on tie-lines. Our first opportunity to try this, but once again they all were on their best behavior.

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Blogger Dean said...

I wish I was there :(

10/6/07, 10:38 PM  

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